Sunday, 20 October 2013

A peek into my Craft Room

Crafting With Dragonflies Challenge Blog
Recently Hilde asked the Design Team if we could take some before and after shots
of our crafting space and mine is the first off the block.
Also a little insight to what our likes are in our craft.
Don't be surprised to see the good bad and ugly
but all good crafter know that
I will start with - take a seat and a big cup of coffee.
I didn't take up card making seriously till I retired around 5 years ago.
I dabbled in digital scrapbooking and card making as I thought of all the mess
(oops there's that word again)
but then a friend got me hooked on paper stamps etc and ....
the rest is history.
So here I am now retired and moved 3000km back to my home town
which is great because I get to spend time with family on a regular basis.
It is then that my craft passion took off.
After all I had all the time in the world to craft didn't I?
My craft room is a 3rd bedroom and I have to share it with a double bed
 but then I am luckier than some that do there crafting on the dining room table
oh! that would never do. I am one that at the end of the day
 if I haven't finished a project I can shut the door and continue on the next day.

Here is your tour of my Craft Room.
This photo shows a multitude of items. On the left I have craft papers with the small blue container holding my small amount of pens (not one to colour in) and underneath inside the cabinet are some cards I have made + spare tape etc.
 Underneath is card and scrapbook leftovers.
My bench at the top has embellishments in containers then some stamp sets.
Also glues and container with some of my buttons.
 On the bench is my heat gun my trusty cuttlebug and one of my cutters.
 On the peg board are pearls etc.
Under the bench I keep more card stock spellbinders/dies and ink pads. 
On the floor are things I don't use too often. Quilling products templates/cottons etc to sew on cards and some MS punches which get used regularly and easy to reach.
A few of my favourite things when I craft are
my trusty Cuttlebug stamps and various dies. I love getting inky
A close up of the peg board.

Above are craft magazines at the back with hand made bag.
 Inside my London bag I have small flowers lace etc. More stamps underneath.
Below that is where I keep my cuttlebug dies and plates.
There are 4 drawers underneath that I keep embossing powder/kindy glitz
stamp blocks cuttlebug folders other dies and punches. 
My now tidy little working table if you can call it that.
My trusty CM cutter a little container my grand daughter made -
can you see Nan on it.
 I treasure this and keep glue pens pencils for quick access.
Other bits and bobs in the white container at the end. To the right of that is my craft tool box that hold everything I usually take to class and holds a multitude of needs.
Underneath is the empty bin (usually overflowing) stamps in a binder more hand made cards in boxes that badly need sorting -
couldn't find the card I made for our latest challenge.
Luckily I remembered what I had used.
Paint brushes and a box of bits and bobs again to sort out
and printouts of card/project ideas.
But wait there's more! only a little bit...
Told you a cup of coffee was needed.
Now I really love this ribbon stand hubby made for me.
 Unfortunately my collection outgrew it and have more ribbons to the left a bit.
 I have hooks at the bottom to hold all my loose bits and don't we get a lot of them.
At the top there is more of my button collection.

This is an easy one - Scrapbook papers. Patterned paper to the left.
The 3 drawers hold plain paper and above are more patterned papers and lace etc.
Underneath needs sorting with more magazines etc
that I don't get to look at much since Pinterest came into my life.
This is full of embellishments and spare parts (for a better word)
On the top are a few things I have made (since changed it)
 and to the side is just a scrapbook I am working on.
Inside a wardrobe I have hanging laces and balls of cotton.
Now that you have seen it tidy - this is what it looks like at present.
I had been working on my project for the next fortnights challenge
and may I tell you -  you are going to love it!!!

Now these photos aren't too bad as there is a bit more on the bed beside my table.
Just one last thing to show you.
I mentioned further up that I had rearranged this to show off
the most beautiful birthday card I received recently from my girlfriend
(the one that got me hooked on this craft)
I was gobsmacked when I opened it up (in a box) and had to assemble it.
I have never seen anything more beautiful and it is now
 Pride of Place in my craft room.
Whew!!! now that is it
I need coffee. 
Till next time
Thanks for hanging in there for our 1st Craft Room Reveal at



happyglitzygirl said...

Well I got the coffee Ina and never got around to drinking it, I was too thrilled to read your post, so wonderful, how blessed you are...and not messy at off...loved the tour,blessings Hilde

Sammy said...

You have such a lovely craft room! You lucky girl.
I'm with you in that I couldn't cope with having to tidy everything away and move stash from table to wherever all the time, so I moved from the kitchen table to my desk in the living room. Can't wait to get a craft room of my own though! I love your "die-cutting station" and will have to remember that idea. x

Unknown said...

Ina, When I saw your first picture I thought you were the most tidy paper crafting person on the planet. Your room is lovely and sharing it with a bed is not too troublesome. The card your friend sent you is so beautiful. Blessings, Carole

~ Barb said...

Wow, you have sure made great use of your space. How you manage all your things and a bed and still keep everything so tidy is a mystery to me. Thank-you for the tour!
{Hugs} Barb

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your craft room. Love the peg board showing all your rhinestones etc - so neat.

Wynn said...

Whew Ina I'm worn out lol!! You're very tidy my stuff is always in a mess...that word again. I do tidy of course ahem but I know I just move the mess around.
The beautiful card from your friend is exactly like the one I showed my crafters how to do last Xmas. They were so pretty and all different.
Thank you for sharing....will I DARE!!! Wynn xx

Unknown said...

This was a GREAT tour of your craft room Ina. I usually only see a portion, so it was a lot of fun to see all the rest in pictures!